Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kroger Rocks

I had forgotten how much I LOVED Kroger until yesterday. It was their mega event, so we went in to get a good load of groceries, since I had depleted most of my stock pile assisting another family in need. Boy did I make out like a bandit... and many many people were amazed. I gave them all the blog site to go to, cause she keeps up with her stuff alot more than me, but I was so proud.... I got 450.and some change worth of grocery's for 207.00. That's taxes and all. I got 25 pds of butter for free plus made 12.50 on them... That's right, I had a bunch of I cant believe its not butter sticks coupons for 1.50 off, and its on sale for .99 so that was a profit of .51 each... They actually paid me to take it. Bryan is going back this evening to try and get some more of that, cause we cleared the shelves... after I asked everyone else in there around me if they wanted some, and gave them coupons to get it free... so I wasn't being too bad by clearing it! Oh, and if you can not find the carnation milk at your Kroger's, Wal-Mart will price match it! And Wal-mart's in our area has turkeys on sale right now for .40 a pound, limit of 2. I got me two yesterday, and going back today for 2 more, lol. Happy Couponing guys!!

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  1. Awesome job hon! Coupons are awesome!!!

    Funny how it pays to travel out of town to save money on groceries, huh! And to pay more out of pocket to stockpile while it's cheap.

    I talked to my Kroger and they were getting a pallet of carnation milk today to stock them up for the holidays. Bryan might try your Kroger again since they double coupons and Walmart doesn't. :)

    By the way...are you using SwagBucks yet? I'll be buying my kids Christmas this year with the free points that I earn on SwagBucks. You should look into it. You can even promote it on Facebook to earn points through referrals!!