Friday, March 6, 2009

I won an Award

Wow, thats all I can say, never thought my little ole blog would win anything... but then again it was from my bestie, so you know, might have had something to do with that, lol. anyway I am very appreciative!!!

The rules with this award are to name 7 things you love & pass the award to 7 blogs you love.

sooo, 7 things I love

1. I love my family and God

2. I love my pug midnight

3. I love helping others

4. I love saving money with my coupons

5. I love dt. Mt dew, lol

6. I love cooking, its my passion

7. I love helping children

Now for the 7 blogs I love

1. Obviously I love Jennifer at Coupon Mommie, after all she taught me how to do this couponing thing.

2. I love Angie at Beans and Tators mama, she and I are so much alike on our thoughts that I just can not help but read every single post she makes... Love your stuff girl!!

3. I love my life long friend Crystal at A moms world of couponing madness, I have helped her learn to coupon and happy that she is saving money for her family.

4. I love reading my friend Robins blog at A table for three, she and I went to high school together, and were known as the chatty cathys of french class, sure miss those days girl.

5. I love reading Kristi's blog at Insomniac Scapbook Theater, she rocks the CVS game!!

6. I love reading Becky at Nickels-N-Dimes blog, although she has moved to

7. And last, I love reading Easy meals for busy moms blog... they have some awesome meal ideas!!

So there ya have it, and now its your turn, lets see what things you love!!

Thanks again Jennifer for the award, Love ya girl!!

Some tips for Wags Couponing

Okay, so I have been reading alot of other peoples blogs and see questions people ask. They are all the time asking, well but my coupon is for 2.00 off and the item is 1.98 and it beeps. Okay so heres the thing, if you want to use that coupon, get a pack of gum or something and throw it up... the coupon will work then. See they can not take off on the tax at wags, has to come off the before tax total, so if the before tax is a little bit more than the coupons total, then they will work. Example of this

I bought 10 packages of Nabisco crackers the other day at ways they were on sale 1.99/2
I had 5- 2.00 coupons

then I bought one tube of Colgate total toothpaste on sale for 3.49
- wags easy saver booklet coupon for 2.99
that would have made my toothpaste .50 cents
but I had 1.50 off coupon so
I had 1.00 overage

I ended up using 4 of the 2.00 coupons for the crackers, the toothpaste coupon, and still had to throw a candy bar up to make up enough to cover the coupon money. And then I just had to pay tax. So see, as long as you have enough actual "cost" without tax, the coupons should work. Hope this helps!

Coupon Mommie has a giveaway for Yoplait

Hey guys, my friend over at Coupon Mommie has an awesome giveaway going right now for Yoplait Yoplus Yogurt and trust me, this stuff is awesome, the best yogurt I have tasted so far. So head on over and check it out. Just click HERE.