Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Husband's Granny Needs Prayers

Granny is still in the hospital, but the doctors are saying what is wrong with her, she could die from. She is conscious, but we are still worried about if it gets worse. We love her so much and she is like the granny I never had, so to know she is suffering is killing us. Just please, continue to pray for her recovery.

I just got some really bad news a few minutes ago. My husbands grandmother has had a stroke, and is in the hospital in Oklahoma. We are stuck in Tennessee and have no funds available to get out there to her. We do not know if she is going to be okay or not, but she helped raise my husband and he is having a really hard time with all this. Please pray that she will be okay. We love her so much, just can not stand the thoughts of having to let her go. Please pray for her, and for my husband.