Friday, November 13, 2009

Have you all tried Aquafresh® iso-active??

I had the opportunity to test out this new toothpaste courtesy of SHESPEAKS, and let me just say this...WOW, talk about clean feeling. Okay so I admit it, I am a little bit,okay alot OCD about my teeth, like I brush them sometimes 5-6 times a day OCD okay. This is the most cleaning toothpaste I have ever used, and I have tried ALOT of toothpastes! Its a foaming toothpaste, sorta like a can of shave gel, but for your teeth, and when you put the toothbrush inside your mouth, BOOM, all this foam overtakes your mouth, and you can feel it cleaning and scrubbing and disinfection your mouth! I love it, and let me just say, if this stuff goes on sale at Wags or CVS anytime soon, I am gonna clear the shelves!! Be prepared people, I will fight for it, lol! Great product, if you guys get a chance, try it!