Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free Carnation Milk at Krogers

With the holidays right around the corner, and all the baking I will surely be doing, this one is heaven sent you can go here to see our ad... It has carnation canned milk on sale for .50 a can with there buy 10 get 5 off sale. Well you can go here and clearly see, we have that coupon coming out this weekend. That alone is enough for me to want to rush out and buy 5-10 papers, lol. Happy Couponing guys!


  1. Let's sure hope that Knoxville gets that coupon! It was about October of last year when I scored about 3 dozen cans of it for free and I'm down to just about 5 cans. So I was super glad to see your post about that upcoming coupon! Coolio!

    p.s. Glad you're in the couponing game again!

  2. Thanks girl... when I saw my friends and family in need, and saw how well I stocked their cabinets with the food I had gotten for free from the coupons... well that was an eye opener for me... Had to get back into it... I took 6 huge reusable bags of groceries and hba stuff, along with a huge igloo type cooler full of meat to one of our dear friends this past week.. and as I packed the contents up, I realized, wow I got all this stuff with my coupons... need to do it again. Thanks for teaching me how to do it, I will be posting a pic of my way expensive couponing binder once I get it filled back up with coupons, lol.

  3. :) My binder was way expensive and HUGE too! I got it Free from using my SwagBucks.

    You can see a picture of it here. Yeah, it's 5 inches big! The thing is huge! It puts my old 3 inch binder to shame!