Thursday, January 22, 2009

Krogers, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, And Ingles Shopping trip

Okay so the hubby stopped by all these stores on Tuesday night to get us some great deals that my friend Jennifer over at Coupon mommie had told us about. God I love that girl, she has taught me so much, lol.

Okay, first he went to Ingles (big Mistake, they do not know what they are doing there)

So he got

10 boxes of Totino's Pizza Rolls (reg. price was 2/4.00)

- Ingles store card savings 1.00 per box

-.35cent off MQ doubled=.70 cents off a box

OOP For each box was .30

4 bags of birdseye steam fresh veggies. (reg. price was 2/5.00)

-Ingles advantage of 1.50 per bag)

-MQ for .50 doubled =1.00 each bag

OOP for each bag FREE

Total of reciept was 3.85

total savings was 20.75

Then he was off to Krogers where he bought

6 cottonelle Toilet Paper (reg price .99 cents)

-6 IP Q's for .50 doubled


3 bags quaker brand rice cakes (reg price is 1.19)

-Kroger card savings of .19 a bag

-MQ for 1.00


OOP for all this was .51 cents

total savings was 12.51

savings percentage was 100%

Next on the list was Wal-mart

this is what he got there

9 boxes of Kotex Light day panty liners ( I use these, along with little panties for my doggy when she is on her monthly) Reg Price was 1.00

- 9 MQ for 1.00 each


1 Johnsons buddy soaps (reg. Price is .97 cents)

- 1 IP Q for 1.00


OOP for all this stuff was .89 Cents

100% savings

next stop was Wal-Greens

he bought

5 cases of Pepsi Products on sale 5/15

2 bag Dorito's Brand chips on sale 2/5

OOP here was 21.55

RR returned for 10.00 On our next purchase

total savings was 12.93 Plus we got the 10.00 RR

Grand Total for all stops was 26.80 and we got a ton of stuff just look at the picture!

My first Couponing Lesson (what the abbreviations mean)

Okay, so My friend taught me some of the lingo for couponing, and it helped out alot.

For example

EQ means internet coupons that can be loaded onto your store cards from the cellfire, p&g, and shortcuts links. These pair with your other coupons, and make for some great savings.

IP means internet printable coupons, this one took me alot of research on alot of different sites to figure it out.

MIR means a mail in rebate

MQ means Manufacturer Coupons (these are the ones you clip out of the papers, get out of the magazines and such.

OOP means the amount of money you paid out of pocket for the items you purchased.

Peelie's these are the coupons that come on items you purchase.. like a coupon off cereal bars when you buy a box of cereal for example. Sometimes these are coupons that are for the item your purchasing and can be used immediatly, or saved for a later use.

Q's Mean Coupons

WAGS is short for Wal-greens (this was another one that took me a while to get.)

RP &SS these are the abbreviations for the Sunday paper coupons. ( my friend says you need to get at least 3-4 papers, even get subscriptions, she gets 4 subscriptions plus she buys extras.. and let me tell you, she is a couponing GOD!!!)

RR goes along with Wal-greens, and it refers to their register rewards program.

BOGO means buy one get one free. these are the real savings, cause you can use a MQ with the BOGO and get both for free or really cheap!!

Okay, so that's a little bit about the lingo.. Hope this helps

Side bar

Hi everyone, I just wanted everyone to know, I got most of my ideas for my sidebar links from Jennifer's blog at coupon mommie. I just wanted to put it all on my blog too, so my family and friends could be able to find the deals easier.

How to use Coupons

Hi, I am new to blogging, but I thought it would be a good idea to set up a blog for my friends and family to look at so that maybe I could teach them what my cool friend over at coupon mommie has taught me.

Like I said, I have never blogged, but I have not been couponing very long either. My new friend has taught me in a few short weeks how to feed my family, and save money.. she is my new idol.

Alot of my posts will be things that Jennifer over at coupon mommie tells me about, that way my friends and family can get the same deals that she has shown me how to get.

I hope these can help everyone, I just wanted to try to do my part for the new addiction I have with couponing.