Thursday, November 5, 2009

KNOXVILLE, This is the season for giving!

Hey all the Locals here that read my blog. I have a HUGE favor to ask, and I need you all to pass the word to everyone you know in the area as well. One of my dear friends runs a mission in Knoxville off Rutledge Pike, and they are in desperate need of donations.. Anything, food, HBA items, Clothing, Toys, whatever you can spare... maybe even a few dollars if you have that to spare. They need things to be able to help the needy. They help people in need pay their utility bills, they help with food, clothing, they are just there to help.. Period. So I know all you couponers out there have a great stock pile, and probably got alot of toys or clothing that you want to get rid of before the new rolls in this holiday.. well nows the time. James has a facebook page, so you can go HERE to leave him a comment and ask about the mission. You can also go HERE and see the missions facebook page, Or if you want, I can come get the stuff and deliver it to him. Guys, this is what its all about, and I have been on the receiving end of the generosity of others, and it is truly appreciated when you need something and you can go to a mission and they help you so lovingly. Please guys, pass the word, Jennifer if you read this, please blog about it on your blog.. these guys really need help!!

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