Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis the season for giving

Hey there guys, I just wanted to remind everyone that while you all are out and about, buy all those great deals, that Wal-Mart has their Angel trees up. Guys this goes to the abused and Neglected Children of East Tennessee, or of whatever state you live in, I have worked for Wal-Mart, I know the gifts go to the kids! I am also a foster parent, and my entire family does fostering. Let me tell you, It really makes the season real for the little kids when they get a gift gave to them from "Santa", and guys, those "Santa" gifts, are the ones from you and I. I got two yesterday and dropped them off at the service desk for a couple small kids. One from me, and one from my husband. It warmed my heart to imagine the smile on that little ones face when they get their gift that morning, and see its what they asked Santa for. Threw our giving hearts, we can make life just a little bit easier for the needy, abused and neglected children. So my point is, get on out there and do whats right, like I said in the heading, "Tis the season for giving!!"