Friday, November 27, 2009

Tis the season for giving

Hey there guys, I just wanted to remind everyone that while you all are out and about, buy all those great deals, that Wal-Mart has their Angel trees up. Guys this goes to the abused and Neglected Children of East Tennessee, or of whatever state you live in, I have worked for Wal-Mart, I know the gifts go to the kids! I am also a foster parent, and my entire family does fostering. Let me tell you, It really makes the season real for the little kids when they get a gift gave to them from "Santa", and guys, those "Santa" gifts, are the ones from you and I. I got two yesterday and dropped them off at the service desk for a couple small kids. One from me, and one from my husband. It warmed my heart to imagine the smile on that little ones face when they get their gift that morning, and see its what they asked Santa for. Threw our giving hearts, we can make life just a little bit easier for the needy, abused and neglected children. So my point is, get on out there and do whats right, like I said in the heading, "Tis the season for giving!!"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Have you all tried Aquafresh® iso-active??

I had the opportunity to test out this new toothpaste courtesy of SHESPEAKS, and let me just say this...WOW, talk about clean feeling. Okay so I admit it, I am a little bit,okay alot OCD about my teeth, like I brush them sometimes 5-6 times a day OCD okay. This is the most cleaning toothpaste I have ever used, and I have tried ALOT of toothpastes! Its a foaming toothpaste, sorta like a can of shave gel, but for your teeth, and when you put the toothbrush inside your mouth, BOOM, all this foam overtakes your mouth, and you can feel it cleaning and scrubbing and disinfection your mouth! I love it, and let me just say, if this stuff goes on sale at Wags or CVS anytime soon, I am gonna clear the shelves!! Be prepared people, I will fight for it, lol! Great product, if you guys get a chance, try it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wags Trip today

Everyone MAKE sure you get to wags before the sale on the bayer blood glucose meters goes off sale. I bought 4 today, (was all my store had) got back 20 dollars in register rewards, and took that and bought a huge box of kitchen size trash bags and a huge box of lawn bags, a big pack of Toilet paper, a 24 pack of water, a cookie, and a soda. I went in the store with a 20 dollar bill, and came out with 14 bucks. I am very happy!

General Mills Cereal on sale at Krogers

Hey guys, don't miss out on the great sale going on at Kroger on cereal. With the 1.00 off 2 coupon that came out last week, you can get 4 boxes of cereal for 1.00 each..You have to buy 4 to get the sale, but hurry and take advantage of the sale. Hubby is stopping by there tonight to buy our 16 boxes! Happy Couponing!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Did anyone take advantage of last weeks deals at Kroger?

I sure did! My total before coupons and store card savings was 450.and some change. After coupons and store card savings, and the mega sale 5 dollars off 10 items deal, I got all this for 207.00 tax included! I am completely stocked to the gills, and I am sooo Loving my Kroger right now!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

KNOXVILLE, This is the season for giving!

Hey all the Locals here that read my blog. I have a HUGE favor to ask, and I need you all to pass the word to everyone you know in the area as well. One of my dear friends runs a mission in Knoxville off Rutledge Pike, and they are in desperate need of donations.. Anything, food, HBA items, Clothing, Toys, whatever you can spare... maybe even a few dollars if you have that to spare. They need things to be able to help the needy. They help people in need pay their utility bills, they help with food, clothing, they are just there to help.. Period. So I know all you couponers out there have a great stock pile, and probably got alot of toys or clothing that you want to get rid of before the new rolls in this holiday.. well nows the time. James has a facebook page, so you can go HERE to leave him a comment and ask about the mission. You can also go HERE and see the missions facebook page, Or if you want, I can come get the stuff and deliver it to him. Guys, this is what its all about, and I have been on the receiving end of the generosity of others, and it is truly appreciated when you need something and you can go to a mission and they help you so lovingly. Please guys, pass the word, Jennifer if you read this, please blog about it on your blog.. these guys really need help!!

Kroger Rocks

I had forgotten how much I LOVED Kroger until yesterday. It was their mega event, so we went in to get a good load of groceries, since I had depleted most of my stock pile assisting another family in need. Boy did I make out like a bandit... and many many people were amazed. I gave them all the blog site to go to, cause she keeps up with her stuff alot more than me, but I was so proud.... I got 450.and some change worth of grocery's for 207.00. That's taxes and all. I got 25 pds of butter for free plus made 12.50 on them... That's right, I had a bunch of I cant believe its not butter sticks coupons for 1.50 off, and its on sale for .99 so that was a profit of .51 each... They actually paid me to take it. Bryan is going back this evening to try and get some more of that, cause we cleared the shelves... after I asked everyone else in there around me if they wanted some, and gave them coupons to get it free... so I wasn't being too bad by clearing it! Oh, and if you can not find the carnation milk at your Kroger's, Wal-Mart will price match it! And Wal-mart's in our area has turkeys on sale right now for .40 a pound, limit of 2. I got me two yesterday, and going back today for 2 more, lol. Happy Couponing guys!!