Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Husband's Granny Needs Prayers

Granny is still in the hospital, but the doctors are saying what is wrong with her, she could die from. She is conscious, but we are still worried about if it gets worse. We love her so much and she is like the granny I never had, so to know she is suffering is killing us. Just please, continue to pray for her recovery.

I just got some really bad news a few minutes ago. My husbands grandmother has had a stroke, and is in the hospital in Oklahoma. We are stuck in Tennessee and have no funds available to get out there to her. We do not know if she is going to be okay or not, but she helped raise my husband and he is having a really hard time with all this. Please pray that she will be okay. We love her so much, just can not stand the thoughts of having to let her go. Please pray for her, and for my husband.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you have a Puppy

Wow, I am totally happy about this sale at Wal-Mart right now. They have the 4 lb bags of Iams dog food on sale 2/10.00

Well there was a coupon that came out a couple weeks ago for 5.00 any one bag of Iams Smart Puppy or Kitten Food, so you know what that means... FREE doggie food.

My pug Midnight will sure be happy with her free food, and so will her momma, as it saves me money!!

Gotta love that free stuff huh.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I quit smoking

I need prayers to have the strength to stop this foolish habit. I have very bad asthma, and my smoking habit is just making it worse. Last night as I set in the living room watching standup on the TV with my dear Hubby, I realized just what a hard time breathing I was having, and how foolish it was of me to continue smoking my cancer sticks just trying to kill myself a little sooner than what God intended. So this morning, I put them down. Now I have only been awake for an hour, and so far no smoke, but I am sure craving them, so please if you have a second, just ask God to help me kick this awful habit before it kills me.

The Winners of the Fiber one giveaway

Here are the winners

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:18
Timestamp: 2009-03-22 13:12:30 UTC

March 13, 2009 10:06 AM
Learnin2save said...
I haven't tried the fiber one yet. My fav is Yoplait Yoplus Blueberry...Yummy! Thanks for the giveaway

Here are your random numbers:37
Timestamp: 2009-03-22 13:14:50 UTC

March 19, 2009 1:51 PM
Jinxy and Me said...
I'm a follower!

Here are your random numbers:5
Timestamp: 2009-03-22 13:15:42 UTC

March 11, 2009 1:03 PM
christin said...
we love all yogurt and buy it weekly, but my personal favorite is peach:) thanks!

Okay so these are the winners of my giveaway. You have 48 hours to contact me with your mailing address. You can email it to me at wendygambler (at)

Thanks everyone for entering. If the winners do not respond in 48 hours I will pick someone else in their place. Congratulations everyone that won.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I got an award

Well, my friend Jennifer over at Coupon Mommie has given me an award. The award is called the Excellence in Blogcasting Award, Thank you Jennifer!!!

The rules with this award are to do the following:
1) Post the award on my blog

2) Pass it on to some friends, up to 15

3) I have to let them know they've received the award.

Okay so some of my friends that I love to interact with online are

2. Jennifer at Coupon Mommie

5. Depression Cooking with Clara ( this little ole lady is just amazing)

6. Robin at Table for Three

okay, so guess I do not talk to 15 people online that have blogs, but these are some of my favorites that I actually visit daily, or at least every single time they post something. Hope you guys like your award, and get to giving it out to others!!

Great deal on Meat sale

I am just tickled pink about my recent purchase. I went to the local little mom and pop store here in town a few minutes ago, and they had a freezer of meat for 25.00. When I got home, I added it all up at retail cost, and it would have been 80.00 for all of it. And thats not counting the 5-10 packages of pork that I had gave to my mother, because we do not eat pork here. If I had counted that in, it would have been well over 100 bucks worth of meat for 25 dollars. I am so happy. So how do you all save money when shopping? Will you buy that package of day old meat thats on clearance, and take it home and freeze it? We always buy our meat this way, just curious of how others do this sort of thing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reminder about my giveaway

I just wanted to remind everyone that I am hosting a Fiber One giveaway. You can read about it HERE and enter to win. Just want to make sure everyone knows and remembers to enter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clara the "great depression Cook"

Hi guys, I have a big place in my heart for this little old lady that has a few awesome video's on youtube. She is just one of a kind, and I wish I could have had a granny like that growing up, shes awesome. I found her blog and added her to my blogs I follow list, cause she is just so precious. I also watch each and every one of her little episodes on youtube, its very interesting, and something all of us need to know how to do. She teaches todays generation how to make do with what ya got. So go to youtube and search for great depression cooking or go to her blog and follow the links to watch her videos, either way you go, this is something worth the time to watch if you care about our history at all, because this little sweet lady sure shows us what it was like back then!

Go here to visit her blog

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have, I surely do look forward to every one of her new videos and set there glued to the screen while it plays!

CellFire E-Coupons

Hey guys, okay I hope you all have read my previous posts and have realized how beneficial Cellfire is. If you have not you need to go to their site and check it out, they have some awesome coupons you can load to your Kroger card for even more savings. I had a rep. from them contact me and thank me for using them, and they also left me a list of coupons that came out today, so get on over to their site and get them loaded, they will save you extra money, exspecially right now, as a lot of them are on Kroger's mega sale list right now.

Healthy Choice® All Natural EntrĂ©e
Save $0.50 when you buy any ONE (1) Healthy Choice® All Natural Entrees.
Marie Callender® Pasta al Dente
Save $0.50 when you buy any ONE (1) Marie Callender's® Pasta al Dente.
Orville Redenbacher's® Natural Gourmet
Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) Orville Redenbacher's® Natural Gourmet® Popping Corn.
Pillsbury® Savorings
Save $.50 when you buy any flavor Pillsbury® Savorings Flaky Pastry Bites
Betty Crocker® Fruit Snacks
Save $.75 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot®, Fruit Gushers®, Fruit Roll-Ups® OR Fruit Roll-Ups® Fruit Stickerz ®. Fruit
Fiber One® Cereals
Save $.75 when you buy any flavor/variety Fiber One® Cereals.
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
Save $.45 when you buy any flavor 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix
Cheerios® Cereal
Save $.55 when you buy Cheerios® cereal
Chex Mix®
Save $.60 when you buy any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix® OR Chex® 100 Calorie Snack
Yoplait® Yogurt cups
Save $.50 when you buy SIX any variety Yoplait® Yogurt cups (Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips!®) OR any flavor Yoplait® Original OR Light
Yoplait® Kids Zone
Save $.80 when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait® products listed: Yoplait® Go-GURT® Yogurt - Yoplait® Kids Cup Yogurt - Yoplait® Trix® Multipack Yogurt.
Pillsbury® Cookies
Save $.50 when you buy any Pillsbury® Refrigerated Holiday Cookies OR Dough Sheets (excludes Create 'n Bake® Cookie Dough)
Romano's Dinner Kit
Save $1 when you buy any flavor Romano's Macaroni Grill® Restaurant Favorites Dinner Kit
Huggies® Diapers
Save $3.00 on any two packages of Huggies® Diapers.
Colgate® Max Fresh®
Save $1.50 when you buy any Colgate® Max Fresh® Toothpaste 4 oz or larger.
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) KOTEX® Product.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jennifer at Coupon Mommie has a birthday

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind everyone that my Besty Jennifer over at Coupon Mommie is celebrating her birthday tomorrow... If you got a second stop buy and wish her a happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Jennifer, Love ya girl!!

Fiber One Yogurt Giveaway

Hey guys, I have great news, I have been chosen to host a giveaway for Fiber One Yogurt. It is a very healthy Yogurt that has 20% of our daily fiber needs in one serving. Now that's a great added bonus don't you think!! 3 Lucky winners will receive a Fiber Friends Gift Basket You can see a picture of it to the right. I will announce the winners on the day of the drawing and winners will have 48 hours to email me with their mailing information. Okay here is how to enter.

1. Follow me, or leave a comment if you already follow

2. Tell me what your favorite yogurt is, and how you get your daily fiber and leave a thank you on the post for Fiber One and for Blog spark for the giveaway.

3. Blog about my giveaway, and leave a comment with a link back to where you blogged about it

4. Subscribe to me.

You can enter 4 times, one of each of the above ways.

Remember to leave a comment on each one of these that you do so you can be entered each time. Winners will be picked using

Okay well this giveaway will go from today until 22nd of the month. I want to give plenty of time for everyone to register to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

Also, there is a awesome site HERE that is made by fiber one, where you can play an online game. With this new online game you can create your own personal avatar, or Fiber Friend. You then face off against a weekly opponent to help learn about daily fiber requirements and the health benefits of fiber. Just by registering, players are entered in a sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes including daily gift cash cards, weekly Flip Video camcorder and a grand prize trip-for-two to a luxury spa in Arizona.

Kroger Steals this week

Wow, thats all I can say! We done so good at Kroger last night. Here is what we got

9 bags of Quaker Rice Cakes .99
-.50 each (kroger mega sale promo)
-(1).50 MQ doubled
= 3.41 OR .38 CENTS A BAG

3 Sargentos Shredded Cheese 1.99
- .50 each (kroger mega sale promo)
- (3) .40 MQ Doubled
=2.07 or .69 each

2 (3pk) Irish Springs bar soap 1.50
-.50 each (kroger Mega sale promo)
- (1) .50/2 MQ Doubled
= 1.00 or .50 each pack

4 Sauve deoderant 1.50 each
-.50 each( Kroger mega sale promo)
- (2) .75/2 MQ
= 2.50 or .63 each

3 country crock butter 1.49
-.50 (kroger mega sale promo)
- (3).25 MQ doubled
=1.47 or .49 each

5 Land O lake Butter 1.49
-.50 (kroger mega sale promo)
-(5).30 MQ doubled
=1.95 or .39 each

2 colgate toothpastes 1.50
-.50 each (kroger mega sale promo)
-(2).75 MQ
-1.00 CF Q
= .50 Profit

2 Betty Crocker Potatoes 1.06
-.50 each (kroger mega sale promo)
-1.00/2 Mailer MQ
-(2) .40 CF Q
=.68 Profit

tax was 2.98

Total for all this after tax was 14.21
total saved 53.68 or 82%
We were very happy with this sale

Monday, March 9, 2009

Problems with RR at Wags

Is anyone else having problems getting your RR's when you use a coupon for the item you purchased at wags? Everytime we go in there and try to get the RR's and use a MQ, it will not print. I was told by the manager in Oneida that they had changed the policy and that it would not print if you used a Q, but I here alot of others saying they get their RR's no problem, just wondering if anyone else has any info on this.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our shopping savings today at WAGS

Okay, so today did not start out to well, we were suppose to get the garnier fructis coupons, but the papers here did not have them in them, so there was 8 bucks in papers wasted, cause that was the only reason I bought 4 papers this week... but we decided to use some previous coupons and go to wags to try and get the sale anyway, sooooo.. we went to the Oneida wags, they did not have one thing on the ad in stock... I was mad, furious, first day out and they were sold out, yeah right, we were there at opening, they just did not have any in stock!!! Well after whinning about it all day, my dear hubby decided to drive my butt to Oak Ridge to get the sales... and buddy did we get a good one.

We got 5 of the Glade Sense and Spray Kits on sale for 7.99-4.00 easy saver book Q =3.99

-4.00MQ = FREE

5 of the Glade Lasting Impressions kits on sale 7.99-4.00 easy saver book Q =3.99

-4.00 MQ =FREE

1 Gillet Fusion Gamer Razor on sale 8.99

-4.00 MQ

gave back 4.00 RR (well it did not print but the store manager credited it back to our debit card, so we still got it back)

=.99 for gamer razor

1 Crest Pr Health Toothpaste on sale 2.49

-1.00 MQ

=1.49 ( was suppose to print 1.00 RR but did not so manager credited it back to our debit card)

5 garnier fructis shampoos/conditioners on sale for 2.99

-2.00 easy saver book Q


So total for all this stuff was 16.70 after q's and tax

before Q's was 143.50

So yeah, I am happy with my stuff!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I won an Award

Wow, thats all I can say, never thought my little ole blog would win anything... but then again it was from my bestie, so you know, might have had something to do with that, lol. anyway I am very appreciative!!!

The rules with this award are to name 7 things you love & pass the award to 7 blogs you love.

sooo, 7 things I love

1. I love my family and God

2. I love my pug midnight

3. I love helping others

4. I love saving money with my coupons

5. I love dt. Mt dew, lol

6. I love cooking, its my passion

7. I love helping children

Now for the 7 blogs I love

1. Obviously I love Jennifer at Coupon Mommie, after all she taught me how to do this couponing thing.

2. I love Angie at Beans and Tators mama, she and I are so much alike on our thoughts that I just can not help but read every single post she makes... Love your stuff girl!!

3. I love my life long friend Crystal at A moms world of couponing madness, I have helped her learn to coupon and happy that she is saving money for her family.

4. I love reading my friend Robins blog at A table for three, she and I went to high school together, and were known as the chatty cathys of french class, sure miss those days girl.

5. I love reading Kristi's blog at Insomniac Scapbook Theater, she rocks the CVS game!!

6. I love reading Becky at Nickels-N-Dimes blog, although she has moved to

7. And last, I love reading Easy meals for busy moms blog... they have some awesome meal ideas!!

So there ya have it, and now its your turn, lets see what things you love!!

Thanks again Jennifer for the award, Love ya girl!!

Some tips for Wags Couponing

Okay, so I have been reading alot of other peoples blogs and see questions people ask. They are all the time asking, well but my coupon is for 2.00 off and the item is 1.98 and it beeps. Okay so heres the thing, if you want to use that coupon, get a pack of gum or something and throw it up... the coupon will work then. See they can not take off on the tax at wags, has to come off the before tax total, so if the before tax is a little bit more than the coupons total, then they will work. Example of this

I bought 10 packages of Nabisco crackers the other day at ways they were on sale 1.99/2
I had 5- 2.00 coupons

then I bought one tube of Colgate total toothpaste on sale for 3.49
- wags easy saver booklet coupon for 2.99
that would have made my toothpaste .50 cents
but I had 1.50 off coupon so
I had 1.00 overage

I ended up using 4 of the 2.00 coupons for the crackers, the toothpaste coupon, and still had to throw a candy bar up to make up enough to cover the coupon money. And then I just had to pay tax. So see, as long as you have enough actual "cost" without tax, the coupons should work. Hope this helps!

Coupon Mommie has a giveaway for Yoplait

Hey guys, my friend over at Coupon Mommie has an awesome giveaway going right now for Yoplait Yoplus Yogurt and trust me, this stuff is awesome, the best yogurt I have tasted so far. So head on over and check it out. Just click HERE.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love my Wags Cashier

Okay so I went into Wags yesterday with my mom to get our free ritz crackers and I had a coupon to get a free tube of toothpaste. So we went immediatly to the crackers isle, only to see there were only 3 lonely boxes left on the shelf. So I hollered over to my dear cashier Ashley and asked her if she had any more in the box (as we were getting 14 total, 10 for me, four for mom) and she went and checked. She came back and said no, but we could get any of the nabisco items that were on sale for the 1.99/2 and she would still use the coupon!!! I am gleaming at this point, cause she just rocks, love her to death. So we end up with 4 boxes of chip ahoy cookies, 3 ritz crackers, and 7 boxes of regular Krispy saltine crackers, and we used the wheatthin/ritz crackers to pay for them, and I even got a coupon back cause she did not need it to pay for the other box, because I had a 1.50 off MQ for the toothpaste, and wags easysaver had a 2.99 off, so it was only suppose to be .49 cents, so I had that extra 1.01 that went onto the rest of my transaction... So Ashley thank you.. oh and the hateful checker that I had reported came over where we were all at and was super nice, so apparently she was trying to appologize. Did not work, we always do and always will check out threw Ashley, I will leave and go back another day if she is not working!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Awesome shopping trip at Krogers

Okay, so as many of you know from my other posts, my husband is a diabetic. Well it was time to refill his script for his diabetic meds, and I remembered seeing that Kroger had a thing in their ad stating that if you transfered your script, they would give you 25 dollars on your krogers card for groceries.. So thats what we done, he got his 4 dollar script transfered we got the 25 back on our card, and he done an awesome shopping trip. Heres what he got.

Just as a reminder, Kroger has the buy 10 get 5 off frozen food this week

5 40 count bags of Pizza rolls reg price was 2.99
-.50 each from kroger sale
-(5).35 MQ doubled to .70
=1.79 a bag

3 boxes of Gortons Fish reg price 2.99
-.50 each from Kroger sale
-(3) .40 MQ Doubled to .80

4 boxes of Pop tarts reg 1.99
on sale 3/5
-(2)1.00/2 MQ
=1.17 each

2 Hungry Jack meals reg 1.99
-.50 each from Kroger sale
=1.49 each

2 Kroger block cheese (to go with our walgreens free ritz crackers we will go get tomorrow)
1.88 each sale price (not sure what reg price was)

We got all this with tax for 3.15
I am very pleased with this sale, we will take pics and post when he gets home.