Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our shopping savings today at WAGS

Okay, so today did not start out to well, we were suppose to get the garnier fructis coupons, but the papers here did not have them in them, so there was 8 bucks in papers wasted, cause that was the only reason I bought 4 papers this week... but we decided to use some previous coupons and go to wags to try and get the sale anyway, sooooo.. we went to the Oneida wags, they did not have one thing on the ad in stock... I was mad, furious, first day out and they were sold out, yeah right, we were there at opening, they just did not have any in stock!!! Well after whinning about it all day, my dear hubby decided to drive my butt to Oak Ridge to get the sales... and buddy did we get a good one.

We got 5 of the Glade Sense and Spray Kits on sale for 7.99-4.00 easy saver book Q =3.99

-4.00MQ = FREE

5 of the Glade Lasting Impressions kits on sale 7.99-4.00 easy saver book Q =3.99

-4.00 MQ =FREE

1 Gillet Fusion Gamer Razor on sale 8.99

-4.00 MQ

gave back 4.00 RR (well it did not print but the store manager credited it back to our debit card, so we still got it back)

=.99 for gamer razor

1 Crest Pr Health Toothpaste on sale 2.49

-1.00 MQ

=1.49 ( was suppose to print 1.00 RR but did not so manager credited it back to our debit card)

5 garnier fructis shampoos/conditioners on sale for 2.99

-2.00 easy saver book Q


So total for all this stuff was 16.70 after q's and tax

before Q's was 143.50

So yeah, I am happy with my stuff!!