Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Awesome shopping trip at Krogers

Okay, so as many of you know from my other posts, my husband is a diabetic. Well it was time to refill his script for his diabetic meds, and I remembered seeing that Kroger had a thing in their ad stating that if you transfered your script, they would give you 25 dollars on your krogers card for groceries.. So thats what we done, he got his 4 dollar script transfered we got the 25 back on our card, and he done an awesome shopping trip. Heres what he got.

Just as a reminder, Kroger has the buy 10 get 5 off frozen food this week

5 40 count bags of Pizza rolls reg price was 2.99
-.50 each from kroger sale
-(5).35 MQ doubled to .70
=1.79 a bag

3 boxes of Gortons Fish reg price 2.99
-.50 each from Kroger sale
-(3) .40 MQ Doubled to .80

4 boxes of Pop tarts reg 1.99
on sale 3/5
-(2)1.00/2 MQ
=1.17 each

2 Hungry Jack meals reg 1.99
-.50 each from Kroger sale
=1.49 each

2 Kroger block cheese (to go with our walgreens free ritz crackers we will go get tomorrow)
1.88 each sale price (not sure what reg price was)

We got all this with tax for 3.15
I am very pleased with this sale, we will take pics and post when he gets home.