Friday, April 17, 2009

I really Love my Wags!!

I just got home from Wags, (had to take a script in to be filled for my son so decided to shop a little while I waited) and I had one of the best experiences to date.

I started out buying one of the Edge shave gels on sale for 2.99 which printed me a RR for 3.00, I then used that to purchase the fiber choice tabs and a bag of chex mix ( on sale for .99 and 2.59 for the fiber tabs) and then got back 2.50 RR for them. So, all in all I got 10 shave gels, 10 fiber choice tabs, and 10 bags of chex mix for just over 18.00 OOP and came back home with a 2.50 RR for next week, and the total of all that stuff before RR savings was like 66.00 so I think I had a good day... I am happy at least, so thats all that matters!