Monday, August 17, 2009

Good deal here in my little town

Well, I have just about stopped using coupons, trying to get back into it, but its a tiring hobby that I just cant seem to pick back up... what I have not gave up on is our resale stores and our local grocery stores... Just this morning I went out to the local little mom and pop grocery store to pick up some soda for my hubby, and decided to check the meat counter. Well I saw the "managers special" area was loaded up, and I can usually get this stuff for dirt cheap. So, I went and asked... and was told 30 bucks for it all, and asked.... is that to much?? I say absolutely not, box it up for me if you do not mind, I will take it. When I get it home I calculate what this would have been had I paid full price as what was marked on the packages... I got 275.00 worth of meat for 30.00. Now tell me that isn't a great deal. And they freeze it all before the expiration date, so all the meat is always really good. I also go to our local little resale store that buys truck loads of "damaged" merchandise from the big stores like Rite Aid and WalMart and such. I got 16 bottles of the huge bottles of Soft Soap body wash the other day for 16 dollars. Yep, 16 dollars, and you wanna know what was "damaged" about it. The box it was boxed up and shipped in from the factory was dented. That's all that was wrong with it. The bottles of body wash was perfectly fine. We also got a brand new Wahl's brand clipper set at one of these stores for 2 bucks. This particular set goes for 145 at sally's. Not a thing wrong with it, all the attachments are with it and everything. SO even though I might not be getting things the way everyone else is with their coupons, I am still getting it as cheap once you figure in the price for the papers to get the coupons!!