Monday, May 18, 2009

Wal-Mart finds today

I found Bryer Ice Cream on sale today at our local Wal-mart for 2.25 a half gallon. -.75 MQ that made for some really cheap (or cheap in my book at least) Ice cream.

They also had Bar- S Brand hotdogs for .88 - 1.00 for 2 MQ = .76 for two packs of hotdogs.

Also got some Fleshmans Yeast 3 packs for 1.13 - .40 MQ made it .73 cents for a 3 pack.

Just wanted to share those things with you all because I thought it was a good buy for WalMart.

Also, I seen two other ladies in the same line as me shopping with coupons, One of the ladies mentioned she had a blog she read that told her where to go to print coupons, I just wondered if it was one of the local East Tennessee gals!!