Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogger Burnout

I swear to my goodness, I am just totally sick of all the get rich blogging stuff I am seeing everywhere. When I started this little ole blog, it was to help people learn how to use coupons, nothing more, nothing less.... then I decided to try and make money off the site, which ended up being more trouble and more time consuming than my family and life would allow... I just wonder, how in the world do all these people have hours and hours to set at the computer and send out all of their "advertising" skits to get people to click, go to, and try to get free the stuff they advertise, only to end up finding out its all a gimmick... never receive anything in the mail from any of the things (or at least I have not). This is why I hardly ever blog anymore, and rarely come to blogger anymore, it sickens me at all the gimmicks going on... when you see one ad, you see a dozen of them from everyone you follow trying to get their penny from the ad too... shesh, enough already for me!!