Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love my Wags Cashier

Okay so I went into Wags yesterday with my mom to get our free ritz crackers and I had a coupon to get a free tube of toothpaste. So we went immediatly to the crackers isle, only to see there were only 3 lonely boxes left on the shelf. So I hollered over to my dear cashier Ashley and asked her if she had any more in the box (as we were getting 14 total, 10 for me, four for mom) and she went and checked. She came back and said no, but we could get any of the nabisco items that were on sale for the 1.99/2 and she would still use the coupon!!! I am gleaming at this point, cause she just rocks, love her to death. So we end up with 4 boxes of chip ahoy cookies, 3 ritz crackers, and 7 boxes of regular Krispy saltine crackers, and we used the wheatthin/ritz crackers to pay for them, and I even got a coupon back cause she did not need it to pay for the other box, because I had a 1.50 off MQ for the toothpaste, and wags easysaver had a 2.99 off, so it was only suppose to be .49 cents, so I had that extra 1.01 that went onto the rest of my transaction... So Ashley thank you.. oh and the hateful checker that I had reported came over where we were all at and was super nice, so apparently she was trying to appologize. Did not work, we always do and always will check out threw Ashley, I will leave and go back another day if she is not working!!