Saturday, September 26, 2009

I need help

Okay guys, I have gotten off the couponing bandwagon... and I need a boost to get back on. I had just went out and spent over 60 dollars getting this nifty binder put together... you know the zipper one with the baseball card holders, and the dividers for the categories.... yeah lets just say that cost a LOT of money... and then I got really depressed, was not on the right meds, and just stopped doing it... in my mind state I thought it was a waste of time..So I started getting all my HBA stuff at Teresas (which I plan on continuing unless I can get it free with the coupons) and I have two gigantic freezers filled to the gills with meat... I mean seriously, my hubby even says okay thats enough for now... (they are filled like that cause I get the meat REALLY cheap, like 30 dollars for a 275 dollar load of meat.... yeah, see thats why I do it). I need to get back to couponing though for the "other" stuff... the stuff I didnt think I would miss, but now that I am running out of it, I miss getting them for almost free... you know like the A-1 sauce to go with all those free steaks I scored, and the mustard that hubby eats on EVERYTHING including salads, and the salad dressing that I eat on everything... and the endless supply of snacks like rice cakes and chex mix, and all the other wonderful food scores you get with coupons. I have to start back, and I have to do it tomorrow... Period, no excuses, no fussing about it, it HAS to be done... so come on guys, can ya give me a LITTLE bloggy love here... I mean NOONE ever even says Hi anymore??? Whats up with that... arent you all suppose to encourage me so I go out and find the deals for you, lol.... Okay, enough of that stuff... bye for now.