Friday, February 13, 2009

French's Worchestire Sauce on sale at Krogers

Okay so there is a great sale right now at Kroger on this stuff and I use it in everything. It is on sale for 1.19 and there was a .50 MQ that came out in the last month or so that you can use that will make this stuff .19 a bottle. Go on out and get yours while its on sale cause that price rocks!!

Today is Nickle -N-Dimes half a birthday

Yep, thats what I said.. she has only been blogging for 6 short months. I know, it inspires me too!!! Just to think, she started all this six sort months ago. Guys that puts a whole new perspective on this, if we do as she has done, and work hard at this, we can make a difference in peoples lives just like she has. She takes alot of time on her blogs, finding us great deals, and telling everyone out there in the world how to do this. I for one am very thankful I found her, everyone go on over to her site HERE and show her some appreciation for all the hard work she does for all of us out there. THANKS BECKY!!!

Church Dinner Ideas

So this Sunday my church is having a dinner for the pastor cause its his birthday. Well I love to cook, and bake, and love to do it all from scratch, but I need to take something that reheats well, because we always have sunday school and church before the dinner. Well I was thinking about making my new fav recipe of homemade meatballs with rice and mushroom gravy.. but I need to take something else with it. Now everyone always makes the usual side, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, so I am wanting to make something that others do not usually think of, and that will of course reheat well. I was thinking about doing some sort of casserole side dish, but then I thought, sheesh, bout the only ones I know how to make are hashbrown casserole and sweet potato casserole, neither would go well with the meatballs. So my question to you guys is... what else could I take? Do you have an awesome recipe that you would not mind giving me for a totally awesome tasty side dish? I just want his meal for his birthday to be special, as we have one of the best, most kind hearted preachers a church could ask for. So hows bout it? Can ya give me some ideas here? Please