Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need some help here please

Hey guys, as you all probably know, I am still fairly new at the whole couponing thing. Heres the deal, over the past two weeks I have been trying to collect some ECB's to try the CVS thing. Now I have (1) 4.99 and (3) 3.99 ECB's and am wondering about what I should do this week to try and use them. I want to use them for things that will give me more ECB's and not cost alot. I really want to get to be able to do it, like Kristie at Insomniac Theater does, but not sure if I can get THAT good....

If any of you out there have any help to offer, please leave me a message cause I am so confused this morning with it..

Leave me a comment on what your shopping list is this week for CVS Maybe?? Please!