Friday, March 6, 2009

Some tips for Wags Couponing

Okay, so I have been reading alot of other peoples blogs and see questions people ask. They are all the time asking, well but my coupon is for 2.00 off and the item is 1.98 and it beeps. Okay so heres the thing, if you want to use that coupon, get a pack of gum or something and throw it up... the coupon will work then. See they can not take off on the tax at wags, has to come off the before tax total, so if the before tax is a little bit more than the coupons total, then they will work. Example of this

I bought 10 packages of Nabisco crackers the other day at ways they were on sale 1.99/2
I had 5- 2.00 coupons

then I bought one tube of Colgate total toothpaste on sale for 3.49
- wags easy saver booklet coupon for 2.99
that would have made my toothpaste .50 cents
but I had 1.50 off coupon so
I had 1.00 overage

I ended up using 4 of the 2.00 coupons for the crackers, the toothpaste coupon, and still had to throw a candy bar up to make up enough to cover the coupon money. And then I just had to pay tax. So see, as long as you have enough actual "cost" without tax, the coupons should work. Hope this helps!


  1. thanks so much, I don't shop walgreens much but I guess this would also work at cvs.

  2. Dude! lol I went to Wags to do this very thing a few days ago! I knew it was going to go in the neg. so I grabbed a $1.25 filler item.
    Got to the register and the second Q beeped. She looked at me like I was trying to get away with murder and handed the second Q back to me. I was trying to explain it just the way you did here and she was NOT having it! It's definitely a YMMV situation. My Wags sux!

    At least CVS will have them for free again later this month.