Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great deal on Meat sale

I am just tickled pink about my recent purchase. I went to the local little mom and pop store here in town a few minutes ago, and they had a freezer of meat for 25.00. When I got home, I added it all up at retail cost, and it would have been 80.00 for all of it. And thats not counting the 5-10 packages of pork that I had gave to my mother, because we do not eat pork here. If I had counted that in, it would have been well over 100 bucks worth of meat for 25 dollars. I am so happy. So how do you all save money when shopping? Will you buy that package of day old meat thats on clearance, and take it home and freeze it? We always buy our meat this way, just curious of how others do this sort of thing.


  1. I don't think we've ever bought any day old meats but I am almost positive that's all my parents ever bought when I was growing up and, I'm still alive and well! LOL

    We have a friend that raises cattle and we just put in an order to buy one from him, all processed, wrapped and labeled. It will save us a TON over paying the per pound prices at the grocers. Can't wait to get it!

  2. Hey girl, you know I do! If it's ground beef I go ahead and brown it, if it's chicken I go ahead and boil it and save the broth, if it's steak or chops I like to put it in a bag with marinade or bbq sauce. Keep up the great work. angie