Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming coupon Preview for week of 2/22/09

Hey guys, well to be honest with you, this weeks papers do not look like they will have anything worth jumping up and down about... 2 Inserts, none of the coupons really made me get excited about them. You can go here to see whats coming out. Myself, I won't be buying more than 2-3 papers this week because I do not see any coupons in them that really look like something we would want to purchase.

Some of the ones listed

Valassis Preview
Angel Soft Tp (6pk double roll rolls or larger) .50/1
Carefree Pantylines 1.00/2
Hostess Snack Cakes (DND-5) .50/1
Kelloggs Cereal 10 oz or larger .70/1
Pop Tarts 8oz or larger 1.00/2
Uncle Bens wholegrain Rice .75/2

Smart Source Preview

Ban Anti-perspirant Deoderant .40/1
Cherrio's or Chex Mix Snack Mix .50/1
SoyJoy Bars bogo up to 1.39
Sunlight Dish washer liquid .35/1
Wrigleys Gum Get one Free up to 1.19
Niagra Spray Starch .25/1
Glade carpet and room deoderizer 1.00/1

So there you have it, a small glimpse into what to expect this Sunday. Happy Coupon Clipping everybody!

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