Monday, February 16, 2009

We finally got an Exercise Program going here

Well, yesterday after Sunday School Bryan and I decided we were going to go threw with all the talk about getting out and walking for exercise. We have talked about it all winter but it was warm enough yesterday to do it. I would say we walked close to half a mile or so. Not really good, but hey its a start. It was nice to, just the two of us out in the open air walking and sharing time together. I really enjoyed it. It helped my leg muscles too. As many of you know, my knee is damaged bad, and I have a terrible time trying to walk most of the time because of it, but it was not hurting yesterday, so we took advantage of it, and went as far as my legs would allow. We took our time, because my asthma was trying to kick in, but we went ahead and did not stop. We have planned on walking every evening when Bryan gets home from work (weather permiting) and to increase our distance a little more each day. I felt so good after we got back home, I could feel that my leg muscles had gotten a work out, and thats what I needed. Keep us in your prayers that we can continue this and hopefully get on track to loosing weight and getting back healthy!

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  1. I've been praying for you. Keep up the walking and know you have a supporter cheering for you. angie