Friday, February 20, 2009

Homemade Sugar free Pies

Well, I am very happy at the moment, I got a wild hair to try to make my husbands fav pies with splenda since he is a diabetic. Its been nearly 2 years since he has had a slither of the pies I make because he was diagnosed about 2 years ago, and love his big ole heart, he looks so sad when holidays come around, and everyone else is getting to enjoy his wife's desserts, and he isn't. Now mind you, I have always made him the sugar free nanar puddin, and sugar free pumpkin rolls and such, but just was not confident enough with the whole splenda thing to waste nearly half a bag trying the pies. Well today I got bored, and hubby is working late, and since we moved he has really been pulling his share at the house... all that combined made me decide to try and make him his pies with the splenda I had. Now mind you I was scared to death that I was going to flub it up, and waste a 6 dollar bag of splenda, but I done it anyway, and they turned out better than the ones with real sugar do. Made his a Chocolate cream pie and a coconut cream pie, and well I always make my crusts from scratch, so it all is fresh and pipin hot right now. Just took the last batch of homemade filling off the stove and poured it over into the pie shells. I can not wait for him to get home and see them, hes a big ole guy, and food makes him happy, and I just know having some of his fav childhood desserts are going to make his bad day at work go away and give him some happiness. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys, I am very happy right now.. If you want to see my recipes for these, then head on over to my recipe blog and check it out!! I will post pics of the pies after he gets home tonight, gonna have him bring home some cool whip for the topping.

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  1. I didn't know that you could make sugar free pumpkin rolls! I used to make those every year for my "kid" brother, but haven't in a while. good to know you can make them sf. =)