Thursday, February 26, 2009


I went to my wonderful Wags yesterday, was kinda scared to go back after all the trouble I had the last time I went in with the fusion gamer razors, but thats a whole other story.. Yesterday our fav wags employee Ashley was working (love ya girl, you just rock, and I will continue emailing wags about how awesome you are!!) so we went and got our 5 reynolds aluminum foil, and our ten candy bars, and a diet mt dew for me, and we were off running around the store, trying to find out where Ashley was working so we could go threw her line. We finally found her over at the cosmetics counter, so we went back there, and waited for her to check us out. We got all the items for 2.16 or something like that, and was tickled pink. She told me she was going to have to learn how to do the couponing, and told me about another girl in the area that does it besides me and my friend Crystal, and when I got home last night I realized that it was a sister to a girl that me and Crystal went to school with, lol... small town here. Anyhow I gave Ashley my blog address, and hopefully she can go threw my blog and pick up on the whole process a little, cause with someone as nice as her, she deserves to be getting this stuff for free too!! Again, hats off to our awesome Wags Checker girl Ashley, she rocks!! If you are from Scott County and go in there, ask for the manager and let him know how awesome she is, I guarantee that if she is your checker, you will be treated with respect, and have the best couponing experience ever!


  1. Wags RIPS me off every time I've tried to shop there. For one thing the register credits won't print if you use MQs on ANY item you buy and I know from talking to corporate that's a load of bull. Still my locations won't budge.

    I have way better luck at my CVS. No runaround whatsoever.

    Oh and have you been to If not you should check it out. Advance previews of the ads, a coupon database that makes locating coupons/sales a total breeze! Look me up over there if you want. Username KristieGK.

    I also see you are in TN. So am I. Small world. =)
    Have a good one!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the hotcouponworld. No I havent ever been to the site, but I for sure will go check it out. Have a good one!!