Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wal-Mart Shopping trip on 2/27/09

We done awesome last night at Wal-Mart. My dear puppy was outta food, so I had to get her some anyway and there was a great 3.50 off any purina dog food IP so we printed it, and went to Wal-Mart.

Here is a breakdown of what we got
(4) 4pd bags Purina Dog Chow 4.94 each
- (4) 3.50 off IP coupons
= 1.44 a bag

(1) Bayer Breeze2 Blood Glucose Meter (hubby is diabetic) 18.82
- (1) MQ for up to 30.00 adjusted to 18.82
(1) sauve 3 oz hand lotion .97
- (1) MQ for 1.00
= +.03 overage

(5) 12 packs schick disposable razors 1.97
-(5)MQ for 2.00 any schick razor
=+.03 overage on each pack

Total before coupons would have been 49.40
Total after coupons (- tax) was 5.58
tax was 4.57
Grand total was 10.15
I am please with this trip!!
I included a pic of the stuff we got, and one of Midnight the dear Pug puppy (so you can see how cute she is and that she so deserved her puppy food!!)


  1. You did awesome!

    My money saving plans for tonight...
    Do my CVS plan, as always. =)Getting more Fusion razors, Carnation Instant B-fast, etc.

    Hit the DG for 80 more cans of chunk chicken for only .25/can after Q.

    Hit WM for 31 FREE full size cans of Purina One Wholesome Entrees dog food.
    Free Suave lotion
    Free Cascade
    Free Head & Shoulder shampoo
    cheap Hormel Chili
    and so on.
    I've a busy night ahead of me! lol

    And NOW thanks to you I gotta see if I have any of those 12pk. razor coupons! ;)

    Happy couponing!

  2. Oh please post that trip. I want to see how to do the CVS thing as I am just getting started on that store and as I have been reading your posts I see you are very good at it... And how are ya getting free cascade and head and shoulders.. please share, please!!!

  3. The Cascade is free because I was sent Q's in the mail from P&G, I think it was? Home mailer type thingies which state good for a free bottle.
    I got 3 of them (for some reason) and my mom and SILs got them and gave me theirs since they don't have dishwashers. Gasp!

    The Head & Shoulders is for the trial size which are .99 and the Q is $1/1 and does NOT exclude trial size.
    So, they are just the tiny ones but it is the only thing my son will use and hey, free is free, right? lol
    He takes them with us to motels when we travel. They are perfect for that since they don't take up much room. win/win.

    I am most excited about the free cans of Purina though. And hey, I have a pug too! Female named Faith. Aren't they the sweetest!

    And BTW, I only had 2 coupons for those Schick razors. At least it's better than none though, right?