Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oklahoma deals and steals at homeland this week

They have these things on sale and with coupons, might get some of them free.

yoplait yogurt 2/1.00
use the .40/6 coupon
makes it 2.20 for 6 yogurts. Not to bad

Knorrs Liptons side items 10/10
There was a coupon a few weeks ago for .35 off
that would make these .30 an item

General Mills cereal on sale 2/5 ( not as good as the sale going on here, but hey.. still cheap)
Go threw my printable coupon sites, and see if you can find some good coupons for these, I am sure there are some.

Folgers Coffee on sale 5.99 ( Deb, do you drink this? If so I will see what I can do about getting you some coupons on it, just let me know)

So homeland isnt doing anything heartstopping this week. Maybe next week. Love ya all my family in Oklahoma!!

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