Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kroger deals and steals shopping trip for 2/2/09

Okay, so Bryan went to Kroger last night, we are lovin' us some Kroger right now.

Here is what he got.

5 boxes of Multi-Grain Cherrios Reg. price 3.20 on sale 1.67 a box

-.50 off MQ doubled =.67 per box

3 boxes of Trix Cereal reg price 2.90 on sale 1.67 a box

-1.00/3 MQ =1.33 a box

3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios reg price 3.20 on sale 1.67

-1.00/3 MQ =1.33 box

(also had an additional 2.00 come straight off cards from my cellfire and shortcut coupons for these cereals that were preloaded on my card.)

so that makes each box total out to be.84 cents a box... GREAT DEAL

6 Totino Pizza rolls reg price 1.99 on sale 4/5

-.35 MQ doubled =.55 each

(also had 1.00 that came off card from shortcut and cellfire. )

this made each box about .39

2 Dial handsoap reg price 1.63 on sale .88

-.35 MQ doubled =.18 each

1 speedstick deoderant (this was suppose to be on sale 2/3 but it rang up wrong, so Bryan is taking it back to get a scan guarantee) 3.69

-.75 MQ=2.94

6 cans manwich on sale 10/10 and 3 off if you buy 10

-.50/2 MQ doubled

-.30 off can for 3/10 sale

=.20 a can

4 banquet frozen meals on sale 10/10 (also part of the buy 10 get 3 deal, so we got these to fill up the 10 items)

-.30 for sale=.70 each

yoplait reg 2.38 on sale 2/4

-.50MQ coupon Doubled

=1.00 for a 6 pack (.16 a cup)

yoplait reg 2.49 on sale 2/4

-1.00 MQ coupon

=1.00 for 6 cups (.16 a cup)

(also got an additional 1.00 off my card from cellfire)

made it 1.00 for 12 cups of yogurt or about .08 a cup.. I can live with that, lol

3 packages of Cottonelle TP reg price .99

-.50 IPQ doubled

= Free

( I also got an additional .25 off with my cellfire coupons on my Kroger card)

final price was .25 profit for 3 packs of TP

total for everything


+3.32 tax



total saved was 49.96

70 % savings.

Not to bad!



  1. Shopping for groceries was never so much fun before coupons, huh? Now it's like the thrill of the week! LOL

  2. Oh goodness I know.. I so love the thrill I get from seeing how much we saved.. and then when extra coupons come off the card, well thats just like a extra high for me.. this is my new addiction !!!