Saturday, January 24, 2009

My family in Oklahoma

Okay, so you all are going to be seeing some posts on here that are strictly for the Oklahoma readers. My mom in law, and granny in law live in Oklahoma along with my step daughter, and we are trying to help them save money too.. So there will be posts on here so that my mommy in law Deb can look at the site, see what she can get at the stores out there, and go get them. Yay, I can help my family out there too, I am so happy. So it all ads up to be, if you see a post about Homeland, Firelake, Crest, or Albertsons, and you are not familier with it, this is why, its for her. I wish I was still out there, Homeland TRIPLES coupons.. me and Debbie could be stacking up on stuff right now if I was out there.

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  1. You need to check out BeCentsAble. I know Alberston's is on there. Great job helping out all your family!

    I blogged about them here too for ya. They have alot of local matchup links from around the blogosphere.