Saturday, January 24, 2009

Homeland weekly sales

Okay so I just looked at the Homeland ad, and from what I can see its a good week

They have pillsbury grands biscuits on sale 10/10.. but with homeland you dont got to buy the 10 to get the deal. okay so there is usually some coupons for pillsbury that comes out in the sunday paper.. so be sure to get your paper and check. this is a great deal if you get some coupons.

They also have Chef Boyardee on sale 10/10
There have been some coupons that came out for this a few weeks ago, so go threw your coupon stash and stock up!!

Knorr Lipton side dishes are on sale 10/10. I believe the sunday paper had these a few weeks ago, so if you kept them, these are a great deal as well, cause remember homeland doubles coupons up to 1.00 so wow, thats a great savings if you kept your coupons.

Sauve products are on sale 10/10 and with the .50 off coupons that came out a few weeks ago in the paper, you will get 2 bottles for 1.00.. good price.

I will look for online coupons for these later on.

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