Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need some help here please

Hey guys, as you all probably know, I am still fairly new at the whole couponing thing. Heres the deal, over the past two weeks I have been trying to collect some ECB's to try the CVS thing. Now I have (1) 4.99 and (3) 3.99 ECB's and am wondering about what I should do this week to try and use them. I want to use them for things that will give me more ECB's and not cost alot. I really want to get to be able to do it, like Kristie at Insomniac Theater does, but not sure if I can get THAT good....

If any of you out there have any help to offer, please leave me a message cause I am so confused this morning with it..

Leave me a comment on what your shopping list is this week for CVS Maybe?? Please!


  1. I start by checking my coupons in the store ad. I find the EB items I have coupouns
    for,next I look for things that are on sale that we use, and that I have coupons for.
    Then I make transcation list. I would use the EB's that I have to buy the products that will give me more EB's and I have coupons for. Then I would use those EB's to buy the sale items I had coupons for.
    Most of the time I make 4 or 5 trips to the check out, however a little planning saves me any where from 60 to 80 percent off my bill.
    And on a good week I make money.
    I never buy things we won't use, unless I know someone who could use it' and I can get it free.

  2. Hey, stop by my site and remember to use the ECB Calculator under Helpful Links in my toolbar. It will help you figure out which ECB's to use to get the lowest OOP.

    CVS is a little easier than Walgreens but can still get confusing so for awhile I would just hit the Freebie & moneymaker deals to grow your ECB's. Check out my site for a few!

  3. Oh, and I forgot that Bargain Briana has a great spreadsheet that you can download to use. It's great for beginners!

  4. Hey there!
    This week wasn't so good. All I got was one Garnier item, used $1/1 Q to make it free after ECBs. The Schick Intuition razor cost .99 after Q and ECBs.
    I also did the Visine deal which was really the only money maker. You can get the Visine A. or A.C. use the $3/1 X5 coupons for 5 bottles and it brings your total to $5 and you get back $10 ECBs!

    Last week was better. The Tresemme was get $10EBs WYB $20 worth. They were 3/$10 so I bought 6 bottles, minus 6 one dollar off coupons, plus I had a CVS coupon that took off an additional $5 for buying tresemme products. So it was $1 money maker, 6 free bottles and $10 EBS to boot!