Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first Couponing Lesson (what the abbreviations mean)

Okay, so My friend taught me some of the lingo for couponing, and it helped out alot.

For example

EQ means internet coupons that can be loaded onto your store cards from the cellfire, p&g, and shortcuts links. These pair with your other coupons, and make for some great savings.

IP means internet printable coupons, this one took me alot of research on alot of different sites to figure it out.

MIR means a mail in rebate

MQ means Manufacturer Coupons (these are the ones you clip out of the papers, get out of the magazines and such.

OOP means the amount of money you paid out of pocket for the items you purchased.

Peelie's these are the coupons that come on items you purchase.. like a coupon off cereal bars when you buy a box of cereal for example. Sometimes these are coupons that are for the item your purchasing and can be used immediatly, or saved for a later use.

Q's Mean Coupons

WAGS is short for Wal-greens (this was another one that took me a while to get.)

RP &SS these are the abbreviations for the Sunday paper coupons. ( my friend says you need to get at least 3-4 papers, even get subscriptions, she gets 4 subscriptions plus she buys extras.. and let me tell you, she is a couponing GOD!!!)

RR goes along with Wal-greens, and it refers to their register rewards program.

BOGO means buy one get one free. these are the real savings, cause you can use a MQ with the BOGO and get both for free or really cheap!!

Okay, so that's a little bit about the lingo.. Hope this helps

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