Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All Things Frugal 4-u and me is giving away free honey

Yep, that's right, she and her husband apparently have fresh honey that they harvest and she is being nice enough to give some away to 5 readers... OMG is all I can say, I LOVE honey, more so than any kind of jelly or anything else for biscuits... I can eat it until I make myself sick with it, so this giveaway really got me excited, lol.

This woman is awesome, nearly every single time I read her blog, I cry. Not because she is a sad person, or because her blog is sad, but if you are a Godly person, then this blog will touch you somewhere that only a true Christian can touch you. She puts so much warmth in my heart when I read her blogs, and she has went threw so many trying times, and still holds her head high, and goes on. I LOVE THIS BLOG. I have spent hours on hours reading her posts, she is a true inspiration to me!

Anyway, get on over there and enter to win you some honey, and if you win and I don't, you better think of me when your eating that stuff, cause I love me some fresh honey!! lol. Just click here to get to her site, and get entered. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!


  1. Thanks, I'll go check it out right now. Would love to win some tasty honey. I haven't had any in years. lol

  2. Ah, you are so sweet! Thanks for blogging it. If you don't win I'm sure there's still some honey in your future:)