Friday, January 23, 2009

Tips on How to search store ads

Okay, so Like I said before, you can search threw the store ads online, which I do because Bryan does our shopping when he gets off work because we only have one vehicle.

So you are going to have your coupons organized and clipped before you do this, then you are going to need to look for the ad leaders.. what I mean by that is, the things that are at an all time low. Examples of these are alot of the 10-10 deals. Most of the time these are eye catches the stores use to get you in the store, but these are usually also the things that you got coupons for.

Like for example, Kroger has Green Giant Steamers on sale this week for 1.50 a bag. That alone is a great deal, but match it with the great sale they have going that gives you 5.00 instantly on any of their advertised buy 10 get 5 deals, and then your getting 10 bags for a dollar a bag.. pretty good right?? Wrong, if you got the .50 cents off one coupon like I had, then that will be doubled and you know what your going to be paying? ZERO out of pocket. Now I do not know about you, but thats my kind of veggies.. free ones.

So just make sure your clipping every coupon no matter what, some stuff you might not use, but can get it for free, and donate it to a charity.

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