Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kroger deals and steals starting on 2/1/2009

Wow guys, Krogers are having some totally awesome deals this week that I found.
You can go HERE to look at the weekly ads yourself, but heres the deals I found.

Totino's Pizza Rolls on sale 4/5
-.35 cent coupon (doubled at my store)
=.55 a box OOP

Dial Hand Soaps on sale .88 each
-.35 cent coupon doubled
=.18 cents OOP

General Meals Cereals on sale 1.67 each
-.50 off Multi grain Cheerios doubled
-1.00 off three
.75 off IP coupon for Multi Grain Cheerios.
This would make it
.67 each for first option
4.01 for three boxes (1.34 per box)
.92 a box for the IP one

Yoplait Yogurts on sale 2/4
-.50 yoplait kids yogurt coupon (doubled)
-1.00 off Yoplus coupon
=1.00 each OOP

Speed Stick Deoderant on sale 2/3
-.75 off coupon
= .75 each OOP

Hillshire Farms lunch meats on sale 10/10
-.65 off 2 coupons
=.68 cents each pack OOP

They are also having a buy 10 get 3 off instantly sale. Heres what I found in it.

Manwich on sale 1.00 each
buy 10 get an addition .30 off making it .70 each
-.50 off 2 coupon
.20 a can OOP

Banquet Frozen meals on sale 1.00
buy 10 get an additional 3.00 off instantly making them .70 each
no coupons, but this is a good deal.

Okay so this is the great deals I found this week. Have you found anything awesome?? Well leave me a comment and let me know about it. Thanks

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